Awards Ceremony of the 40th IEEE LCN Conference in Clearwater Beach, Florida (Photo: Leah Pope)

Till Steinbach et al. "Beware of the Hidden" awarded best paper at this year 40th anniversary IEEE LCN conference.


Our paper:

  • Till Steinbach, Hyung-Taek Lim, Franz Korf, Thomas C. Schmidt, Daniel Herrscher, and Adam WoliszBeware of the Hidden! How Cross-traffic Affects Quality Assurances of Competing Real-time Ethernet Standards for In-Car Communication. In: 2015 IEEE Conference on Local Computer Networks (LCN). Oct. 2015,

was selected as best paper at the IEEE Conference on Local Computer Networks in Clearwater Beach, Florida today. This is a great success, as LCN is the oldest, most time-honored conference in computer networks.